a group of grade schoolers on campusWe believe that at every stage, children need age-appropriate programs to help them grow and develop to their maximum potential. We strive to provide quality child care and early education programs that shall assist children and families during the developmental years. We aim to be the leading child care center that is preferred by parents and families in Tennessee Colony, Texas.

We made sure that our programs address age-specific needs. After our assessment, children are grouped based on their chronological and developmental stage. The programs that they will be enrolled in are all suitable for their age and stage, and shall give the sufficient push that they need to grow and learn more.

These programs include the following:

Preschool and Child Care
Great for children 2-3 years of age. This provides day caring and early instructions to promote language, motor, and social skills in the company of peers. This also provides readiness for children who are about to enter nursery and Pre-kindergarten.
Nursery School and Pre-K
This program accepts children ages 4-5 years old. Here, their skills in language, phonics, and shapes shall be further enhanced. New subjects such as basic math, reading, and arts will also be introduced. This program readies children for the challenges of big school.
Before and After School Care
We have programs which provide children productive things to do after school. This program includes music, martial arts, and others. This also provides parents a safe option on where to place their children after school before they can pick them up.
Summer Camp
Our summer camps provide a great avenue for children to explore more of the world around them. This promotes curiosity, discovery, independence, and fun learning while enjoying the outdoors. This gives them their needed break after months of staying in their classrooms.
Newborn Care
We accept babies from 0-month-old to be cared for in our facility. We can guarantee that our carers are highly-skilled and trained to attend to the needs of your little ones while you are away for the day.
Evening Care
For families who need assistance in caring for their children during night time due to work and other commitments, we offer our evening care. You can be assured that your children are safe with us while you attend to other important things for the family.

We offer a facility tour so you can see our amenities firsthand, meet our staff, and understand better our programs. Kindly secure your date by setting an appointment today.