Meet our teachers

Anna Luce
– Anna is 28 and attends Trinity Valley Community College, working towards her teaching degree. She works with the 4/5 year olds and after school program. She has been with BCSK for 1 year
Briana Derr
– Briana is a graduate from Cayuga ISD and plans on attending college in the near future. Briana joined BCSK March 2017 as a floater and is a great addition to help the teachers out with all class activities and the after school program. You will see her most of the time with the older 4/5 and school kids on the playground running and playing around.
Jeanetta aka Nana
– Nana lives up to her name with all the children greeting her as Nana in the morning and not the cook. But that’s just what Nana does. She cooks for all the children and they do love her brownies and chocolate chip cookies. The children all know her as Nana and she loves every minute of it. She is also my mother who has worked here with the kids for 5 years. Nana is also an RN and has been for many many years.
Leigh Billingsley
– Leigh has been in daycare for 15+ years. She has been employed by Barbers Creekside Kids since November 2013. Leigh has worked in every room here at BCSK. However, she loves the infant room where the babies crawl and slobber all over her. She also works with the 3/4 year olds in the morning where she maintains curriculum and does many arts and crafts with each and every child.
Melinda Cantu
– Mindy works part time and came aboard BCSK in May 2016. She works with all ages and is mainly my night-time teacher for various ages of children.
Rebeccah Sharp
– Rebeccah joined our team here at BCSK since October 2016 and has been a huge asset. Rebeccah is the 2-year-old teacher and loves doing what she does. She is always right on top of curriculum and the children love learning with her. She also works on potty training in this room and is very good at what she does.
Tanesha Ferretti
– Tanesha has been with Barbers Creekside Kids since September 2016 and works in the infant room as the morning teacher and does a beautiful job. All the children have come to love her very much. She maintains an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child and family. She greets infants and their parents warmly and with enthusiasm each morning. She talks, sings, and reads to infants frequently.